Setting up the VPC AX 2012 for development work


I have done some work with the Dynamics AX 2009 VPC downloaded from Partner Source. We now need to look into doing the same sort of thing with 2012. This will involve modifying reports, forms and using the AIF for import and export.

  1. Does the 2012 R3 VPC allow the same sort of development as the 2009 VPC or is there a separate SDK?

  2. Do I need all 4 VPCs? I am struggling for disk space?

How is your first question related to virtual machines? Do you simply want to know how to develop for AX 2012?

Regarding Q2: No, the main VM is enough, if you don’t need additional components, such as Project Server.

Yes. I Do just want to be able to develop for AX 2012. We are not AX resellers, we produce products that integrate into accounts packages.

It can’t be answered in a few sentences. People study AX development for years and write whole books about it. The documentation is on MSDN. If you’re looking for books, Inside AX 2012 R3 is a must.