Setting up Navision Database Server Error Please Help

I set it Up Navision 4 sp2 in windiws 2003 machine , domain environment with active directory when i going to run server.exe it gives following error


Copyright (c) 1987-2006 Microsoft Business Solutions ApS

Starting database server WWW2 …
Cache(Kb)…: 10000
CommitCache…: Yes
Maximum sessions…: 3
Maximum database(Mb): 500
NetType…: TCP
Database…: database.fdb
Licensed to…: CRONUS International Ltd.
John Roberts
5 The Ring
W2 8HG London
World Wide 1

The program is unable to connect to the server’s process.

This is because the server is running as a service using a system account.
Please run the client using the network instead.
───Press any key─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────

Please Help Me

In local system account have very few privileges in Active directory. Run service has a AD user.