Setting up Batch Excel Import

Does anyone know that whether is possible to setup Batch for Excel Import ?? I have done this by creating a new class extends RunBaseBatch and called the definition group created earlier (called it EXCEL). I have tried to put that in the batch list and execute it, somehow I got some errors and the batch process ended. In my run() I have this little codes: public void run() { SysDataExpImpBase import; SysExpImpGroup sysExpImpGroup; Args args; if (! this.validate()) throw error(""); try { ttsbegin; while ( { sysExpImpGroup = queryRun.get(tableNum(SysExpImpGroup)); info(strfmt(“Importing Customer profiles from definition group of : %1”, sysExpImpGroup.GroupId)); args = new Args(); args.record(sysExpImpGroup); import = SysDataExpImpBase::construct(args);; } ttscommit; } catch (Exception::Deadlock) { retry; } } and my queryRun return results from the query in which only one row of record associated to the ‘EXCEL’ definition group (groupId = EXCEL) is returned. Can anyone tell me why the system does not import correctly ??