Setting up a role centre- Error:Accessed Denined- Sign in as a different user AX 2012

I am trying to set up a role centre on my account within AX 2012 but I am receiving the following error:

ERROR: Access Denied

Sign in as a different user

How do I crate a role centre for my user account?

Hi I am also facing the same problem.

The profile is attached to the user. However are you in a truly configured environment where EP and all associated configuration have been undertaken?

Yes, EP is configured and Its 3-Tire architecture. APP, DB and EP Share Point server is installed in different servers.


Please check the user is assinged in network domain or in external domain.

For a role center -

  1. No need to create a role center. There are many profiles are already exists and Profile is linked with role center. You need to set the profile for the user.

  2. You can create role center and profile please see the below link for reference