setting up 2nd company for a private payroll

I am thinking about setting up a second company on the same database to use only for a more private office payroll. I would have 2 NAV companies that represent 1 actual company. Does this make sense? I have to do something to keep sensitive management payroll information private without limiting everyone’s access to payroll for the 300 plus employees we have in the field.

Short answer is NO. Full should include consequences, but there are so much they will not fit in a forum post.

Why you don’t simply limit access to Payroll to the accountant(s) who process it? They have full knowledge anyway, as they prepare paychecks…

Thanks for your response. Isn’t there a way I can hide payroll info for specific employees? It seems like its either total access or no access for payroll.

You can use the Security Filter field in the Permissions record to limit which records in a table that a user can see. And there are add-on available that provide field-level control. Either of these options, or a combination, can be use to accomplish the goal.

Thanks for the advice. I am using the security filter in the permissions record. I ran into an issue when I want two records to be included in the filter. I am filtering for the No. field in the employee table. My filter is:


The filter only applies to the first record. How can I get this filter to apply to both employee numbers?



Im having some trouble with using the security filter to limit which employees certain users can see. In the new role I created, the user has permission for all tables. However, for the employee rate table, I added a security filter to show all but a few employee numbers to the user. This appeared to be working but now that user cannot add a pay rate to any new employee even though they have access to that entire table except for a few employee numbers in the security filter. Is there something I can change to allow the user to add employee rates for employees that are not involved in the secuity filter?