Setting the status of an item's production bom version


I have some issues with Navision and the production bom version.

For example,

I have item A, which uses production bom no = “A”, and for that production bom no. there is a version created “4.0” that has a certain status.

Lets say there is also a version 4.0 created for production bom “B” that exists for Item B.

If i want to change the status of the version 4.0 for Item A, how can I do this.

The Prod. BOM Version List page, 99000800 returns a list of all the versions, but it doesn’t allow you to filter by Production BOM No. So I have no way to modify a version for a specific Production BOM No.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Radu,

A BOM version is always a version of a specific BOM. That means that you might actually have a separate numberseries for each BOM version.

So if you have opened Item A and clicks on the Version button, then the versions listed here will always be different versions of the BOM for Item A. And the same for Item/BOM B. No matter what the version number is. It’s unrelated. Most of my customers simply add the next number manually, like 1, then 2 then 3 etc.

Hi Erik,

Thank you for responding, yes I understand, but I mean programmatically, how would I able able to point to the correct version because the Production BOM Page specifies the “Active Version” for each Production BOM and it specifies the “Active Version” only as a string, not as a Version object.

The Production BOM Version List page gives a list of all the production bom versions, but the page doesn’t allow me to filter by Production BOM No. It can filter by version_code, description etc, but not production bom no.

The workaround for this is to go into object designer and add the Production BOM No. field which allows to filter through that, but I would need to get a developer license.

I was wondering if it is possible without modifying the object itself.

You don’t need a developer license to add a field to a page. You just need access to the Page Designer, and if you have NAV 2013, then this is part of your license.


I have the following license:

540 Demonstration Basic Granule

When I right click->Design on the page I want, I get the following error

“You do not have permission to read the ‘Prod. BOM Version List’ Page. Contact your system administrator to have your permissions changed.”

Is this a license issue?

Hi Radu,

If you only have 540 Demonstration Basic Granule, then you really don’t have a license, only a demo license! You need a real license to do this. Doesn’t your company have a license?


I have now

450 Full User CAL (Concurrent User) 2
540 Demonstration Basic Granule 1
542 MSDN License 1

I still get the permissions error when creating a new page or editing an existing page.

Hi Radu,

That’s still a demo license! Just the special MSDN version, not the one coming with the demo. So it has a few more things you can do with it. But customizing standard objects is NOT one of them. You need a real license, an license you or your company have purchased and paid for (unless you work for a Microsoft Dynamics partner).


Have you found a solution to this? Did you get “a real” license so that you were able to add the field?


It is very much possible to change the version no. manually if you have super user rights. The table number for Production BOM Version is 99000779 and not 99000800. NAV saves the version number with following information in the table:

1 Production BOM No.

2 Version Code

3 Description

4 Starting Date

5 Unit of Measure Code

6 Last Date Modified

7 Status

8 No. Series Code 10

If you still have issue then you can contact me at