Setting the From field using the MAPI OCX

Is it possible to set the “From” field using the MAPI OCX. what I’m trying to achieve is that no matter from which workstations the e-mail will be shout-out, the “From” field must be By default MAPI fill the From field using the e-mail address of the user for the workstation. Edited by - Tarek Demiati on 2001 Jun 06 04:11:16

No, unfortunately the MsgOrigAddress and MsgOrigDisplayName properties of the MAPIMessages control are read-only, both for received messages and for the compose buffer. Kind regards, Jan Hoek Weha Automatisering BV

Is there any work around ? Maybe by using the Microsoft Outlook Automation ? Has anyone got any experience in forcing the “From” to field to a specific e-mail address from Navision ?

This could be not really a Navision solution… but a working one. Create on all workstations an e-mail account definition on their current default mapi e-mail program using the company data you want, and set it to default account. When just sending e-mail the server (at least most of them) won’t test any password, so you won’t need letting them access to the incoming e-mail, but the address will be correctly shown on destination. :slight_smile: – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

Better than previous answer… you can try using this OCX instead of MAPI one… i’ve tried a few minutes ago and it really works on changing the from values… :slight_smile:download – Alfonso Pertierra Spain

Can anyone provide examples of how to use this new ocx from within Navision?