Setting the Database Cache in a desktop shortcut.

Can you set the Cache in the Shortcut? If so, can you tell me the syntax? Here is the shortcut that I have so far “C:\NavisionServers\Nav260\Client\fin.exe” “database=k:\dir1\m1.fdb” I’ve tried inserting CACHE=20000 in different places and I get the oddest errors no matter where I have tried. I have many databases with many different clients all in different versions. So I am running Client Only through the fin.exe rather than installing as a service on my machine. help?

Are you comma-separating this parameters?

Thank you! Here is what finally worked: “C:\NavisionServers\Nav260\Client\fin.exe” “database=k:\dir1\m1.fdb”,“cache=20000”,“TempPath=D:\Temp” I was trying to do it within one set of quotes.