Setting Product Dimension Groups

Hello All,

I need to set up Product Dimension Groups.

I have fresh Vanilla instance, which is empty. When i open Product Information Management → Setup → Dimension Groups → Product Dimension Groups, default dimensions Color, Size and Configuration are not getting displayed. Right hand side grid is blank.

License configuration is also enabled.

What more settings i need to do for getting Color, Size and Configuration in Product Dimension Groups? What things i have missed out?

Please help me find the solution.


That is weird. I hope you must have saved (Ctrl+S) the record after setting up Name and Description or simply clicking on the right hand grid would have brought all the options for you. Can you look at the objects if by chance they were changed or something. You could also consider doing the compile and AOS restart to make sure that everything is proper at first instance.

Hello Kiran,

I just restarted the AOS. Now its working fine.

Thanks a lot.