Setting permission to a specific field

Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to restrict the access to a field and not to the entire table? For example: Only user UX have access to all fields of the table, the others cannot have access to one of the fields of this table. Thank You [8)]

Vanina, There is not much you can do with the standard security setup, but there are a few workarounds: 1. Give different users different forms to run. Make fields editable for only those who is allowed to change data 2. Write code inside forms that check users’ security group membership and turn certain fields non-editable. This is easy but requires a developer’s license If you are on SQL, I would not recommend playing with its internal security rights. This could cause unpredictable side effects in Navision. Cheers, Alex

On a side note to different forms…one could also utilize User Portal for a different angle on this approach.

Ok, Thanks, I finally choose for the one code line solution: IF user <> Xuser then Error(‘text’) in the table; Hard code but…OK I should have find that before, sorry Vanina

Hi , Put the code for Role not user ,and assign the role to the user. Regards Bobby

Hi, you can use user setup table…add one boolean field and then validate that field value wherever you need to restrict the permission for that user.