Setting of rounding of specific ledger


my name is Chris and I have crisis …

We have decided to have a rounding to 2 decimal points for all the ledgers that we have.

But the set up failed to acknowledge government requirement that for VAT output that we are issuing, it needs to be rounded down to the closest number eg. VAT output of IDR 125,752,75 would need to become IDR 125,752. Whereas for other GL, we are fine to have rounding to 2 decimal points.

Is there any way we can only set up different rounding set up for specific GL ?

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Which Version of Navision you are using ?

It is Nav 2013


On general ledger setup check for VAT Rounding type field and select the desire value from options.

Hi Amol,

thank you for the direction.

Can I ask further ? In the GL setup, I have chosen VAT Rounding Type to be Down, but it did not work still.

Does it have something to do with Max VAT difference allowed amount ? Currently it is set at 0.00.

Should we set it to 0.99 ?



Specifies the maximum VAT correction amount allowed for the local currency. For example, if you enter 5 in this field for the currency British Pounds, you may correct VAT amounts by up to five pounds.

I have tried setting it to 1. It did not work.

Indonesia has 10% VAT so the aim in this capture is to have VAT @IDR 58,811,272. Do I miss anything in the setup ?




Anyone can help me in setting the right VAT rounding level ?

Rounding down to the closest Rupiah (no cent)