setting new chart of account

hai there if i want set a new chart of account , what should i do?

my new chart of account is tottally different from the old one…

i have notes in excel…

if table G/L account i delete it from navision (empty) and then i import it (new chart of account)

will it be okay ?

thanx for the answer…

Do you have G/L entries?

If you have G/L Entries, do not delete.

Instead you could rename, record by record or create a batch doing the job.

Say you have account 1000 and 2000; 2000 shall be merged into 1000.

Do this in a batch:

  1. Read the record that shall “survive” - be used in the future (1000)
  2. Delete this record using “DELETE(FALSE)” (mind parameter FALSE!)
  3. Read the other record (2000) and rename it as the other record (1000)

Using this method you first delete G/L Account 1000, but without deleting entries. (Theese entries now have no parent)

Then when you rename 2000 as 1000; now you will have all entries from the new 1000 and the old 1000 all together.

If both records has e.g. comments, default dimensions and stuff like that you may experience problems with duplicate keys. This must be handled in the batch by deleting those duplicates.

When you do this you should be logged on as the only user.