setting Inventory System in AX

Dear All,

I am currently new bie in MD AX and have a problem to set the perpetual inventory system in AX. Does AX provide perpetual inventory system setting ? or it is only for periodic system ? Pls let me know the setting that will be used for perpetual inventory system, I have created two different purchase orders with range 1 months for same several items but different cost prices, first was 10 LCY and then 20 LCY, meanwhile inventory group is weighted average. I appreciate for your answer so much. tks in advance


Hi Andreas,

The setting which sounds like it would be the closest to your needs is the ‘periodic’ option in the counting groups; put the lead time as 1 day - that way you can get a perpetual inventory of your items.

You can automate this somewhat more with the repetition parameters availiable in the journal types otherwise your personnel will still have to go and create the inventory count manually each day.

Let me know.

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AX is only perpetual.

Dear Shane,

It means that AX is perpetual and if it is so, I don’t have to do adjust cost item entries periodically, do I ? what I mean here is that AX itself seems good in the manufacturing company but if it is in the retail or distribution, can’t be good but would seem complicated. Am I correct ?

Anyway, perpetual means the purchase account in GL doesn’t exist (based on an accounting book I read), I don’t know if AX can be like that (there is no purchase account). could you explain more about this ?

Tks a lot