Setting Filters on forms

When I set a Filter on a FORM, which is a Flow Filter in the Source TABLE of the FORM. For the first time it works fine, but when i change the FILTER on the FORM, The previous filter is not cleared but the new filter is concatenated with the old one. For Example if i set a filter for location as BLUE for the first time, it works fine, but when i try to change it to GREEN, the filter value is Displayed as BLUEGREEN, instead of GREEN. Can any one give me sloution as what property i have to set or the code i have to write to get a sloution for the same. With Regard Ritesh

What’s that form? Individual? Standard? ID? How do you set the FlowFilter? Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Hi Ritish, it happens when u try to filter on location code also (not only location filter) the concept is as u can filter with more than one value (ex1:blue|green and ex2 : blue&Green)it will concat.if u need only one filter like change from blue to green then u need to select the BLUE value in the filter (the selction means which makes the background of the value to blue)and then do lookup and select GREEN and click ok.This will replace BLUE with GREEN.or else ersae the filter value and select GREEN. Lakshmi Valluru

Hi, Please set the ClearonLookup property of Location Filter field on the form. For the normal field default value for this property is YES(except flow filter) and default value for flowfilter is NO. Note: Please reselect the value for above said property, because it will also not work properly even system is showing the value for this property like . kindly change/reselect it as YES, then it will work properly.