Setting Filter on Report - OnPreReport Trigger

I have a report with four data items and I set the sorting orders of them not to display the filtering tabs… Then I prepared a RequestOption Form and let the user to choose a specific value e.g Vendor, and then im OnPreReport Trigger I set the filters as following: RFQVend.SETFILTER(“RFQ No”,’=%1’,TmpRFQNo); RFQVend.SETRANGE(“Vendor No”,Vendor); or RFQVend.SETFILTER(“RFQ No”,’=%1’,TmpRFQNo); RFQVend.SETFILTER(“Vendor No”,’=%1’,Vendor); But None of them is working… But There are also a function ,I call before running report, that set the RFQNo and I use this number to restrict the values for RFQVend such as: TmpRFQNo := RFQNum; and I call the report with the following code : RFQPrint : Name of the report, RFQVendor: Record that is the top level dataitem in the report Document No. is the one of field that compose the primary key (e.g Document No. + Vendor No = primary Key ----------- RFQVendor.RESET; RFQVendor.SETRANGE(“RFQ No”,“Document No.”); RFQPrint.SetRFQNo(“Document No.”); RFQPrint.SETTABLEVIEW(RFQVendor); RFQPrint.RUN; CLEAR(RFQPrint); What is missing here ?

Try to put your code in the OnPreDataItem trigger of the dataitem on which you apply the filters. Bye, Marco

That worked , Thanks