Setting BOMLine Qty on Product Configuration using PcAdaptor API


I created a new product configuration model using the product configurator.

Now I would like to set the quantity field on the Subcomponents > BomLinesDetails > Setup > Quantity, from code, based on the selected values for the product attributes.

All I found on the Web is this blog article, but after creating a class it never gets called.

For testing I create a new Sales Order, set a item variant of my product configuration on the line, go to Product and Supply > Configure Line, and after setting all the values, when I click OK my class should be called, but it’s not :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any ideea why it doesn’t get called ?

Thank You!

Hello Catalin,

In order to be able to use your class, you have to clean the caché. In the development enviroment, go to Tools - Caché - Update Data Dictionary/Update Data/Update Elements. Then your class will be called from Product Configurator.