Setting a filter on a datefilter

I have created a variable NewDate datatype=flowfilter and i have another variable CurrentDate datatype=date on a form i want to be able to set a filter between CurrentDate and Newdate. meaning, if newdate = 03/04/10 and there are 5 records where the current date = 03/04/10 then the form must only display records that fall on that date.(03/04/10. i tried saying setrange(currentdate, newdate); and that didnt work.

Hi qaqamba :-),

let’s see…some questions:

  • when you said: “a variable NewDate and another variable CurrentDate”, you meant FIELDS in a table, right?

  • why do you want to use a Flowfilter to do that?. You can just make a filter on your own CurrentDate to show only the registers for a specific date. No? (or maybe another Field Type Date…but depending on what you want to do…)

  • normally FlowFilters are used to act together with FlowFields. Then, you select the Method for the Calculation Formula, from which table, which field, and the filters…and 1 of the filters can be: WHERE XDate = DateFilter. Then when you use the FlowFilter for your specific Form, the FlowField that uses that FlowFilter will be updated automatically.

Am I missing anything? What’s exactly what you want to do?



Hi qaqamba,

were you able to solve your problem?

If you need any more guidance, just tell us please.