hi all… I have some pblms…i have a function which is called from OnPush button. as eg. I have a button “Indent to Stores” which opens Transfer Order form. In this form i am displaying only some filtered items, here is my code… RecTransferHeader.SETCURRENTKEY(RecTransferHeader.“Indent Type”); RecTransferHeader.SETRANGE(RecTransferHeader.“Indent Type”,RecTransferHeader.“Indent Type”::Stores); FrmTransferOrd.SETRECORD(RecTransferHeader); FrmTransferOrd.SETTABLEVIEW(RecTransferHeader); FrmTransferOrd.RUNMODAL; but after opening the form i am not able to insert new record… please suggest regards, vikas

check the table. you may insert records, but they may be with ‘Indent Type’ that is different from the one, that you specified in the filter. You shoud add a logic tht initializes your field in the oninsert trigger in this case greetings