Setrange or Setfilter, first 3 characters

Could we Setrange or Setfilter, first 3 characters ??

I do like this GenJourLine.SETFILTER(“Account No.”,’<>%1’,‘DEP*’);

I don’t want to calcfields Amount which Account No first 3 characters is DEP

Maybe you could use something like

GenJourLine.SETFILTER(“Account No.”,’%1’,’<DEP|>DEP9999*’);

It’s just a simple workaround. //Pelle

Yes we can always do this.

Cust.COUNT; ‘Cust*’); Total Balance -%2’; “Total bal”+=Cust.“Balance (LCY)”; UNTIL Cust.NEXT=0; Cust.SETFILTER(Cust.“No.”; MESSAGE('No. of Rec - %1; ‘%1’; “Total bal”)

This would work with a SQL-DB but not with the native DB.

So you need to use the idea of Pelle.

Instead of using ‘DEP9999’, you better use ‘DEP’ + PADSTR(’’,5,MaxSortingChar()) of