Setfilter @*


The Item Ledger Entry table we have a field Called “Issued For”. The Issued For field we have given the data like this For Eg:

BR.TRFR FM BGLR,BR.TRFR FM HBD,Mechanical,Grinding Etc

I have a report using this same filed "Issued For ".but i need to filter the records like this '<> @BR.TRFR i’n the Reports ( I dont need to take the BR.TRFR date) .

How can i use the same filteration in the reports .

I have given the code like this

recItemLedgerEntry.SETFILTER(recItemLedgerEntry.“Issued For”,’<>%1’,’@BR.TRFR’);

But this is not working in the reports!

Please help me out

!!! Thanks Subha

The way you are doing this is completely wrong. You should have a code field that drills down to a list of options with a key on that field and filter an option. Then you need to carefully think out the options so that they work for you.

The problem here is not code, the problem is that you have not solved the business requirement of the customer correctly.