Setfilter on a Lookup Flowfield

I have a Flowfield called “Location” in a Master table called “Box”. The “Location” is determined by a Lookup to the last record entered in a Location History table for the related “Box No.”. I want to filter the “Box” table based on the current location of a box. Is there a way to calculate the flowfields in an entire table or am I going to have to do this for each record of the “Box” table? Thanks Keith Reichert NCSD

You can do it for the entire table. On the desktop just use the normal filter tools from the tool bar. If you you want to use it within reports, don´t forget to set the Calcfields property of the dataitem. Same (I think) applies to Dataports. In Codeunits (and other pieces of C/AL) you have to apply the CALCFIELDS() function before using the SETRANGE or SETFILTER statements.

CALCFIELDS(Location); SETRANGE(Location,Location); Remember to Clear the Filter After SETRANGE(LOcation); Mr David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: Edited by - David Cox on 7/4/00 9:27:23 AM