SETFILTER how to apply the filter which more than 20 chars?

Hi Expert.

I just got a pb. which I need to find the return order No from the posted credit memo .

what I did like this.

  1. Find the related “Return Receipt No.” from Sales credit memo line.

  2. find the related “Return Order No.” from sales receipt line .

  3. find the related return Order.

the relationship is :

1 posted creidt memo has many lines, many lines has many sales receipt line . , and many sales receipt line . has many return orders.

I use a text variable to record the last get return orders. and last setfitler(“No.”,textvar)

But I fond the textVar of setfilter has the 20 chars limit.

How can I do it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Gary,
Please always remember to write or “tag” your posts with the appropriate version of NAV. Makes it easier to answer your question.

But no, there is no limit of 20 chars when setting a filter. Your filters can be like ‘1243124|132414141|142323|1234532’ etc. Just remember that each individual number you are filtering on cannot be longer than 20 chars.

HI Erik. Yes you are right, I am misunderstood the eroor, in fact , it is the limit of the field, such as I wrote the code : seltfilter(“Item No.”,‘11111111111111111111111124324324’), it throw the error, it means the limit of the “Item No.” is 20, I can not set the filter chars more than 20…, At last I found the solution, I use temporary table to record such many-to-many relationships.