setfilter functions should perform like logical "OR".

hello to all members.

i have a little but serious problem.

when we apply more then one setfilter functions. then they all together functions like
logical “AND” function.

can we apply them in such a way, so that they should perform like logical “OR” funtion.


SETFILTER only works on one field. And one field can ony contain one value. Unless you want to filter with “*”.

What sign do you use for your “OR”? Should be “|” (e.g. SETFILTER(Group, ‘%1|%2&|%3’, ‘GRP1’, ‘GRP9’, ‘GRP3’); if you use “&” you may not get what you want.

Hi, Vijay

if you are asking whether you can combine two or more filters, on different fields with an OR relationship, the answer is, unfortunately, no, you cannot.

What you may do is to go through the table you want to filter and mark the records which meet your selection criteria and then apply the “MARKEDONLY” filter.