SETFILTER(Code,'<>%1','Z*') works or not?


i been trying the above filter on the Location table. As it shows am tryin to show records that start without a Z. using Nav4 SP3 (native database) and windows vista. the result is all records including the ones with a Z at the start are showin up. mind you, if i specify a particular location (SETFILTER(Code,’<>%1’,‘ABC’) then yes it works fine.

to check have tested the above filter directly on table(F7) and report(data item view prop) and the result is the same. Am for one not sure whether this has been the case all along in all versions or is it only with new version or with vista.

many thanks


take a look at help file. Seems You’re using Native database:


Not equal to


All numbers except 0

The SQL Server Option allows you to combine this symbol with a wild card expression. For example, <>A* meaning not equal to any texts that start with A.


Igor Beeone

In general the <> * thing has been problematic, and i think it is dependant on your version weather it works or not.

I suggest instead of SETFILTER(Code,’<>%1’,‘Z*’) use SETFILTER(Code,’<%1’,‘Z’) Of course this may not work for your dataset, but give it a try.