Set Vendor Invoice No. to not mandatory in PI

Hi Experts,

Our company do not use the Vendor Invoice No. in Purchase Invoice module. But there is a checking on this field and our user can just copy the PI no. to this field. Are there any setting can change this practice(set to not mandatory)? or any other ways to prevent this problem, such as write some code to allow it auto-copy the PI no. to Vendor Invoice No.?


In Purchase & Payable Setuo , untick (FALSE) External Doc. No. Mandatory

Click Purchase → Setup → Purchases & Payable Setup → Genral Tab. You find one option Ext. doc no. mandatory by default it automatically tick. Just erase the tick, your problems is solved. But my question is in this process you find lot of mistake during audit because you received the goods from the vendor if vendor not supplied any bill then you will face a problems.