Set up the multiple no. series for Vendor

Hi All,

can able to setup the multiple no. series for vendor creation.

Like : 1, V0###

2, V1###

3, V2###

Thanks in advance.

Palpandi P

It is either automatic for all vendors or manual as standard. So you have one format, or one that is manually adhered to.

I believe the option which you are looking is not in AX2009 and AX2012, you have to go with customization.

Hi ,

As Adam Suggested you could choose either Automatic or Manual in Ax. But to get your desired numbering , you may choose manual and start giving numbers from your desired series manually. It’s painful and tricky sometimes. For this you don’t need Customisation.

Thanks to All,

Hi Adam,

if i choose Automatic for Vendor Account, it must be there one format only we cant choose the other format.

if i choose Manual for Vendor Account, we can able to create multile format,

have u understand my Question,

can able to create Alphabetical order wise

like vendor Starting with A No.series is VA - ###

Vendor starting with B No.Series is VB - ###

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Palpandi,

As you mentioned VA#, VB# number series… you can go with manual process without any customizations.

If your more specific that you should have automatic process then you go ahead with Customization, as standard AX won’t have this feature. its purely client specific requirement so go with customization…

But safe way is manual process without hectic coding.