Set up SKU plannning parameters

Hi all! I want o set up some SKU’s for an item that must be replenish by Purchase. So I will use “requisition Worksheet system”. I want to be able to Replenish all my warehouses: - when the quantity falls below the minimum or safety stock ??? Not sure - Reorder quantity should be always the maximum quantity that my I need to have in my warehouse. Facts: - It takes 3 weeks to get item ABC delivered from Supplier 1 - t takes 2 weeks to get item ABC delivered from Supplier 2 - When buying to a supplier , I always need to order and to oredr the max qty which is 100 units. - After 3 weeks , those 100 units are all sold. So my questions How can I set up my SKU to be able to run that above scenario? What are implications in terms of running requisition worksheet ? Thanks

Hi If you are using SKU’s the planning is treated independently, so if you have three locations the stock is monitored for each and planned for each so you will only order for a warehouse that needs it, ordering for “all” would lead to overstocking. Essentially if your usage is 33 a week and you maximum order quantity is 100 I guess your safety stock will be a weeks worth, so depending upon how you want to plan this you could for instance set the reorder polict to fixed, a reorder point of 33 and a reorder qunatity of 100. Each warehouse will then be replenished on these rules as required.