Set up a new user

Hi everyone, I need to set up a new user on the system to replace someone who has left. The new user profile will essentially just be a copy of the last person.

Can anyone advise how to proceed.

Thanks SImon


Just create the new user in the Windows Login or Database Logins page. Once that has been created, navigate your way over to the last person and highlight their roles in the list and click on Edit>>Copy or (Ctrl C). Navigate your way back to the new person’s roles and do a Edit>>Paste (or Ctrl V) of the new roles. You’ll probably have to synchronize all logins as well

Good luck with that,


In addition, you may need to go into Admininstration, Application Setup, Users, User Setup to set up allowed posting dates. You may want to Go into Navigation Pane Designer to Assign Users. No sense in having menu items in the screen that they don’t need to use. Those two areas don’t copy over from the permissions (to the best of my knowledge).