Set Up a New Company For The First Time

hai all… I know you already know what would i ask for…

I want to set up a new company for the first time

I already created New Company, but while I opened a form like Sales Order it always appear message box like “… Primary key Does Not Exist”

like in General Ledger Setup form, in Inv Rounding Precision i couldn’t make to be decimal number

i wan’t to input 0.01 → message box said “the field can have a maximum of 0 decimal places”

can you help me to set up this problem?

When you create a new company it doesn’t create setup configuration.
You must go to setup tables and enter data.

You can increase setup with setup checklist and copy data from other companies.

But I advice you to know what you doing.

o… i already had done that

but for general ledger setup, especially inv precision rounding

i couldn’t make two decimals like 0.01

Can you make Zoom to General Ledger Setup and confirm the value of “Amount Rounding Precision”

What I usually do is copy and paste the record from CRONUS, then make the changes.

MSFT really should correct this problem.

do you mean copy form each table cronus to my database?

what tables usually you copy like this?

Just the the General Ledger Setup table. That’s the only table you should copy.