Set filter with addin in RTC

Hello guys,

I tried to write an addin which sets a filter (I want to imitate the lovely classic client search on records) but it doesn’t work. My addin read out the current cell, get the column name (don’t know why but it works only on text columns, not on lookups) and write them back to the C/AL over OnControlAddIn-function. After this I tried to set the filter with C/AL (I send back the columnname and the searchterm) but… it’s very difficult to build this filter dynamic and I think not the “clean” way.

Did somebody know a way to set a filter in the RTC out of an addin?

And optional: I’m on the businessgrid and there in the currentcell. But on lookup columns I can’t get the headertext, why?

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we’ve found a solution :slight_smile:

The problem was that I’ve set the filter on the field/recref and not to the rec. The solution was following line to copy the “filter” from the recref to rec with:



Now we can search in the RTC like in the classic client :slight_smile:

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can you share this add-in or can you give me any information about your solution.

many thanks


I tried to reply you by mail but your E-Mail adress didnt work! Maybe update it and send me an mail again :wink:

OK, I have updated my profile. Now i should be ok.