Set Applies-to ID (F9)

When on Ledger Entries and then when I go Apply Entries and there we have select the invoices for application and then we press F9 to select the entries. My question is how programmically automatically select those entries so use will not have to press the F9. I am doing some development so I need this functionality.

You can pick the Outstanding Invoice on FIFO basis so whatever comes first will be applied.

This is not what I am looking for.

Actually I am doing some development where I need to make navision to set applied to ID on certain invoices automatically just the way a user would do by pressing F9.


How you can automatically select the Invoice as like User Selected ??

You haven’t explained what the criteria is for which invoices you need to have selected.

And do you know it will always be the same??

I think you want to select multiple lines at a time and then F9 only once to apply all lines.

If I am right, you can select multiple lines, use SETSELECTIONFILTER on the form/page and apply multiples at a time.

Well I think Bheem might got right answer. What I want to do - is to filter on certain invoices and select those same way as if the user would press F9. But I want to achieve this by coding.

Please explain the coding.


Can anyone shed a light on this please?


Solved it. I was just filtering wrong entries: , just one (well several) of those days you know :slight_smile: