Set a Custom Paper Size in Reports

Hi all, I have got a Citizen CLP-1001 lable printer that i need to be able to print lables onto. The printer will not hold its paper size when uising it through Navision and just uses its default. I have set the report to be 77mm X 126mm but it uses the default paper size set by the printer when printing. Can i set the paper size for a report or will it always use the default settings from the printer? I am using Navision 3.6. Thanks Barry

hi barry, i have faced similar problems before. you can assign the paper size configured in the printer. when the request form for the report pop up, go to File → Page setup. here u can set the paper size for the report, as per the printer set up. this paper size will stay with the report, so long as the zup file is not deleted, or the report is recompiled.

You can also goto Control Panel > Printers, and under the properties of your printer you should be able to set the default custom paper size at a global level. I have done this with the Eltron printers. -john