Session table and white space prefix


I have a problem with the Session table of Microsoft Dynamic NAV 2009 SP1 (6.00.29626) in classic mode (native database).

The problem is that there is a white space in the prefix of “User ID” column.

I think that this is a bug and i ask to you if there is a rapid solution/patch for resolve the problem.


It is probably a bug (or a new way to see if you are using sql vs. native db :)), but no fix available yet if Waldo’s list is up to date:

Instead of patching your code, i would recommend that when you do a look up in the session table, that you dont do it based on the “User ID”, but use the field “My Session”:

SETRANGE("My Session",TRUE);

That way you eliminate the issue you are facing!

HI SNielsen,

Thanks for your answer.

I think so because in the same version on SQL there isn’t that problem.

Your advice is useful only to see my session but not If I want to see if another user is connected.

So keep looking for a hotfix.

So for now just filter with the prefix. If this is in a customer specific database, that should be easy to handle. If you needed to check the ApplicationBuild, to make your filter conditional, you could always check the ApplicationBuild() function in codeunit 1 (just remember to update it, when you upgrade executables, as it is not the same function as called when doubleclicking the version number in the about screen :)).

Yet done :wink: