Session Killing

Hi All, In Navision database Administration, Is there a possibality to kill a user session? For example if I want to kill the session of a user who has logged into the database twice? Best Regards Sreekanth

Did you search the forum before asking your question?

This is only possible if you use a SQLserver. You can find a helpfull download in the …download section. Further info can be found if you search the forum.


This is only possible if you use a SQLserver

To avoid a “missunderstanding”: This is also possible in a NAVISION-native DB, it’s just a little more complicate … (C/AL Code, ext. programs required, etc.) Regards, Jörg

Hi Joerg, Sounds interesting. Does it mean you know how to do it in Native DB? Give us some hints…[;)] Let me guess. Use Winsock in Microsoft Navision ?

We allready discussed that here,task Regards, Jörg