Session Information

Dear all, We’ve got Navision Attain on Citrix Metaframe. The problem is with session information in Navision (File-Database-Information-Session). After a session has been logged off from Citrix, Navision still shows this session. It still uses one licenced connect and doesn’t allow another user to login (in case there are no more available licences). Looks like this problem arises only when Navision is used with terminal server. Is there a way to refresh this table in Navision or any other solution? Thanks in advance… or search the forum for “keep alive time” and set the parameters on the Citrix machine. Regards Walter

Perhaps that it is the connection which is broken by the user and not the session, in this case the session is still open on the Citrix server. Best regards,

Oxana, Make sure that the users close the navision clients push “Start-Log off” to close out of their citrix sessions. If you just hit an X in the top right corner, to Citrix that equates to “Disconnect” and keeps the session active for a while. Cheers Alex