SERVICES - posting (charging) and registration

Hi, Could someone of you help me with the following problem? I am an employee of a starting NSC. Now we implement NF in our company and we face various methodological problems and questions. The problem is, how to solve posting (charging) and registration of SERVICES. In the old system we used before, we recorded services on the item card as well as other “normal” goods. We could e. g. make an invoice and sale services to customer (as well as other “normal” goods). I am not sure if this way is the right one for the NF. I know, there is a module Resources in the system. It could be very good to use this module, but in NF standard this module is based on personal conception – one resource = one person or machine. But we would like to register impersonal (“immachinal”:-)) items, e.g. assemblage, transport, consulting etc. (we often do not know who exactly will do the work). What is the better solution: to record services on the Item Card (Inventory) or on the Resource Card (Resource)? Is there any other better solution? Thank you very much for your advice.

Martin, There is a question about this on the US Certification test. The correct answer on the test is to use resources. This changes with version 3.0 because there is an entirely new granule for Service Management and a new item type called a Service Item. Jim. Jim. Jim Hollcraft NCSD, NCSP, MCSE, CNE, MCP, MST aka Skater Unauthorized Navision News Edited by - Jim Hollcraft on 2001 Jun 15 16:07:30

Thank you for your answer. I understand, the similar question is also in our certification test. But theory is theory and real life is real life . The problem is in “personal” conception of Resources module. Only the list of persons and machines is available there (e.g. in demonstration company CRONUS: Mary Fioretto, Michael Hansson, Lift for furniture). But there are two problems in using this module for our purposes 1. We would like to use this without identification of particular persons or machines. There are lot of employees in our company and lot of services (activities) they perform. I know I can define various Work Type Codes for each person and machine – more then one per item. But it is too complicated to define all the combinations between set of people and set of activities. But what is the worse… 2. In our country there are two different rates of VAT (5% and 22%). Some services belong to first and some belong to second group. Therefore I cannot fill in 5% VAT Prod. Posting Group on the Resource Card of Mary Fioretto, because she will also provide services with 22% VAT. It would be possible to make two instances of Mary Fioretto – first with 5% VAT and second with 22% VAT. But the complexity of system is rising and rising. Poor user… (the same problem appears when I want to post (charge) various services on various accounts – General Posting Setup) Finally I can register directly SERVICES instead of persons (e.g. Assemblage instead of Mary Fioretto, Transport instead of Michael Hansson, Consulting instead of Lift for furniture etc.). I also can change the design of Resource Card and other formularies (rename some labels, captions etc.). I would like to know, if this idea is the right one (best one). Would you choose this solution? Thank you.

Hi Martin, If you want to modify the existing version then the suggestion would be no as the navision 3.0 has an additional line on the sales line called as the item (charges) which can have thier of gen. prod posting groups and VAT posting groups. So wait before you modify which could be a complicated option. One more solution for this problem is to use separate G/L accounts for the services. Create the G/L accounts and specify a general posting type (Sale/Purchase) then you can attach the account with specific VAT posting groups. By doing this you can setup for 5% VAT and 22% VAT. To the User it should be quite easy to handle because after you enter the item in the sales or purchase line. You can select an account for assemblage, Bla bla which are attached with VAT groups. Posting of this orders and invoices will automatically post the relevant account from VAT posting setup. Best regards, Prashanth

Hi Prashanth If I understood well, you suggest to use posting directly on the G/L accounts. Ouuuu – our accountant will kill me (I suggested this solution a week before). It means that each service should have its own G/L account (we would like to obtain statistics about sailed services). But if there is no better solution… Thank you very much.

Why not add the VAT Bus. Posting Group field on teh Sales Order Sub-form? We have customers who have specifically asked for this. Then for each sales line, the person keying in can figure out whether the default VAT Group (22%, for eg)should stay or should it be changed to 5% or whatever. This is manual, but it will eliminate the need to post directly to GL and also still keep track of the resource (which brings to your first point, which I am cunningly not addressing…) In fact by making use of the fields at the Sales Line level which are not by default in teh sub-form, you can make fun stuff. E.g. usually the Customer has one Price Group on teh card. But this group can be changed at the line level, and you can have one Sales Order where different lines have different Price Groups. Unleash the power…

Hi Martin, I really did not understand as to the difficulties in posting directly to the GL account! Why should your accountant not agree with this? When you are incurring any service charges, it is but natural that you debit this charge and credit the provider of the service…which is exactly what happens when you post it in the Sales module and choose the type as ‘account’…If you navigate to the GL entries you will get the entire statistics of all your services…I would suggest that you also add the facility of reason codes to have more dimensions and statistics, Cheers, Rohith Kamath Senior Consultant The Naviworld Group

Martin, You could consider the following mod: 1. add “Gen. Prod. Posting GRoup” and “VAT Prod. Posting GRoup” to the “Work Types” table 2. On Validate trigger of Job journal, sales lines, etc. When a worktype is entered, you could overwrite posting groups in the line with those from the work type table. This makes it possible to use standard posting setup, and keep the number of accounts reasonable (satisfy your accountant :wink: ). You will have a chance to have accounts by type of service, and use different VAT rates as well. Alex