How many ppl out there are using the Service module of Navision 3.10? And have you made any modifications to it?

Hi Sandy, Put forward your problem, its not v.important how many people are using the granule? There are experts/consultant who can suggest on what you are looking for exactly?[8D]

I’m simply curious on how many companies are actually using the Service granule. What I’m getting at is the amount of success or failure or frustration with the Service granule. (We have just implemented Navision 3.10 4 weeks ago, and I just want to feel out the rest of the Navision community) I know there are so called experts/consultants to assist in looking for modifications etc., but I’m looking information and ideas so that I may provide my consultant w/ information on what I am exactly looking for, AND I don’t want to “reinvent the wheel” is someone has already “been there and done that”. [:D]