Service Tax Utilisation as Excise Credit

Hello guys,

I am using MS Dynamics 2009. My problem is whenever I select multiple entries in “Avail Service Tax Credit” and go for the payment of excise duty (incl. service tax) there are multiple entries created in “ST as Excise Utilisation” table. Moreover the Service tax credit is repeated in these entries. This option runs fine if single entry is selected in “Avail Service Tax Credit”. If any one have solution for this problem, pls let me know…


Rahul Bhandari

Can you write down the steps explaining what you are doing exactly, probably then we may be able to simulate something similar and give you some feedback.


Is the additional entries posting the wrong financial impact ?


Faisal Bukhari

exactly faisal bhai thats the problem…if u hv any solution pls let me know…

Well Chinmoym, the following are the steps for payment of excise duty :

  1. General Ledger → Periodic Activities → Service Tax → Service Tax as Excise Credit

  2. Select the respective Service Tax Regn. No. & Location ECC No. in options.

  3. A window appears showing all the service tax credit entries to select from.

  4. Suppose we selected more than one entries and click OK.

We now comes to to the Payment of Excise incl. service tax (selected through above procedure)

  1. General Ledger → Payables → Payment Journals

  2. Enter the reqd. fields along with ECC No, and G/L Account for Excise duty payable.

  3. Also select the resp. serv. tax regn. no.

  4. Now, Go to Payments → Tax Payments → Excise

  5. A window appears showing all the pending sales invoices due for payment. Now u can select the reqd. entries for the period by filtering and click Apply Entries.

  6. Now a window appears showing all the balances in RGA, C, PLA and service tax along with the excise amount to be adjusted.

  7. Now, u can distribute the excise payable amount among these and post the line.

  8. After posting u can see all the entries in G/L entries etc.

  9. Service tax related posted entries (utilised) went to table “ST as Excise Utilisation” where the exact problem is.

In the above mentioned table (pt. 9) If the service tax is utilised against more that one entry (refer pt. 4 above) the table shows more entries than required and fields like “ST as Excise Utilisation” are filled up more than once causing confusion and wrong data in corresponding reports.

Well, I hope the above process is clear…pls go through and solve the problem if possible…

Thanx in adv.

Rahul Bhandari