Service provider concern

We ran Full live with NAV 2013 last June and today we are having trouble with our service provider. The project is still in implementation period for over a year now and they are already insisting us to sign the warranty and close the project. We still have minor issues with the system that haven’t been resolved and according to them it would already be part of the warranty hours. The project was frozen during the first quarter of this year to give way for the audit period. We resumed after that period and issues/concerns/problems on the system went out. They were able to resolve though except for the remaining minor issues that they said will be part of warranty hours. One of the major problems we encountered with them is the license issue. Instead of loading our license, they loaded their license in our live database and these caused us too many problems especially on access on tables. Our license is on the starter pack and theirs is for extended version.

Our company hadnt signed the warranty thus we consider the project isnt close yet. But our provider insisted that whether we sign or not they will impose on the warranty. Our company would like to know if this is a harassment or a normal process for partners.

Do we really get charged if we found out issues from NAV standard and ask them to resolve it?

what are usually the coverage of warranty?

What are the implications in case we did not renew our Business Ready Enhancement Plan?


Warranty renewal from Partner is completely depend on the scope define for project and completion of scope . You need to check the scope of project . You can make the issue list defining with new request from user and old request from user which is defined in project scope and discuss with Partner.

If you found any issues with standard Navision and if customization not done in that part then you can report to MS/partner.

Implication of not renewing BREP

  1. You will not get new Product Releases, Service Packs, Hot Fixes, and Tax and Regulatory Updates

  2. You will not get customer source access

  3. No Online Training

I can add one more -and very important- implication of not renewing BREP:

While off-plan, you will not be able to update your license file even for new objects, like Tables, Pages, Reports, which you may need to implement some custom functionality.
Besides, renewing can’t be done with a gap in time, you will need to pay BACKWARDS fee to close the gap, and backwards price is roughly twice the normal one. Exact percentages differ from one country to another, find them out with your Partner.

Live DB should NEVER be run with Partner license. This allows accidental input of data in application areas not included in your license and system may hang up, when client’s license is uploaded later.

P.S. All your problems is nothing new in Navision world. Looks like BP analysis was done badly, as those minor issues in fact look like small customizations, not bugs of standart.
And salesmen will always tell you that everything will be OK, only developers later scratch their heads HOW to implement everything promised in time and for agreed payment…

Thanks for this. We’ll consider this in our decision makings.