Service Packs

Hello, I have one very simple question and I hope it hasn’t been asked before. I found six Service Packs for NF 2.00. When I install SP6, I dont have to install all the other SPs (SP 1-5), am I right? Thanks in Advance! Marc Deitermann

Hello, I’m pretty sure that SP6 for NF2.00 included all the previous service packs, but I’m sure that someone will let us know if I am wrong![:D]

Up until version 2.50, the NTRs basically decided how to distribute Serivce packs. From 2.60 onwards, Navision DK set rules to make sure that there was concistency between the countries, (though it was not enforced). What this means, is that service pack 6 for 2.00 GB contains all the prior service packs, but that does not mean that the same applies for 2.00 DE … sorry. You really must contact your NSC or NTR.

Hi, All Navision Service Packs are independent, unless there is the same object involved in the later version of the pack. It will not include all prior service packs. Atleast the document supporting the service packs for 3.XX does not mention this ? This was always my understanding and while importing the objects also prove this point. However am not sure of the service packs for earlier versions …

Navision have two ways of delivering fixes : Service Packs and Hot Fixes. Don’t confuse them ! Service Packs: As of 3.00 (and I think 2.60), the Service Pack contains everything you need. Eg to install 3.10b, you only need to get the 3.01b objects, they contain Hotfixes 1, 2 and 3. Hotfixes are independent, many can be installed by themselves, but most require installing all the earlier versions. For example if you are NOT using payroll, you could skip the hot fixes that relate only to payroll. (BUT NOTE I never do this myself, and do not recommend it. I always import Hotfixes in numerical order). 2.00 GB service Packs 2 and 3 contain all the preceeding objects. Don’t know what happend after that though.

Hi David, Thats information to me! We always import hot fixes and never have had any service packs which includes all updated hot fixes. Need to check with the NTR on this !