Service Pack for SQL-Server 2000

Hi There, I use SQL-Server 2000 for Navision Attain. And I want to ask you weather there will be problem or not if I add the service pack on the database ?? Regards and Thanks, Surya [:0][:)]

Which version of the Attain are you using and which SP (2 or 3) are you trying to patch? There are three components of the SQL Server 2000 SP (Database Component, Analysis Services, and Desktop Engine) It is likely that the Desktop Engine component is the one that might affect Navision. I’m not sure about this either.

You should be running with minimum service pack 2 on your server, so go ahead and install that or SP3.

We have installed service pack 3(Database Component, Analysis Services) We found no problems

Hello. It is strongly recommended that you install SP3 for MS SQL 2000. The main reason is because of the fact that SP3 can prevent problems with the latest virus for SQL Server. Furthermore, all Microsoft employees are required to load this Service Pack for any SQL Server 2000 computers. The Axapta team has already tested this version.[8D] Thus, I suspect, you’ll have official approval from the Navision team shortly. Please read the readme file because there are many changes. As always - please make sure you make a backup of the database(s) before beginning the upgrade process. /Michael