Service Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 ( 1 & 2

Hi all, I want to ask you is there any problem If I Install the Service Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 ( 1 & 2 ) to my current database ( Microsoft SQL 2000 ) ??? If there is any problem, please do let me know, and if there is no problem, I really need your confirmation about this. Thank you. ------------------------------------ moved from german forum by moderator

One of my customers installed the servicepacks 1 and 2 on SQL-2000 after the individual SPs came up. And they faced no problem doing that… more than that i can’t give as confirmation. There is no guarantee. Hey … after all it’s microsoft :wink: Do a complete backup and be prepared to step back if it won’t work. That’s all you can do when receiving new SPs.

I would encourage you to install the latest service pack for SQL Server always. At this time, at least SP2 should be installed. I have encountered no problems in doing so, and I am running many different configurations.

SP3 is OK also. An additional benefit is that it cures the recent worm problem.

Is it ok to install all THREE components of the SP3 (Database component, Analysis Services, and Desktop Engine) ?? Someone has had a problem with the synchronization between Navision DB and Commerce Portal SQL DB. And does Navision Commerce Portal in fact uses the Desktop Engine component of SQL Server 2000? Thank you