Service Mgt.- cancel Service ledger Entries

Hi! In Service Management, we have a situation where Service Order has been invoiced and then a Credit Memo was issued for this Invoice. The invoice created a Service Ledger Entry. The credit memo did not create opposite Service Ledger Entry. Are we missing something? Why didn’t Cr. memo create a S.L.E.? Thanks, Jurica

Hi Jurica This has been reported several times to MBS I believe it was tracked under DK-967-862-H9E9 and I am unsure if this was resolved, originally on 3.60 I believe. You’ll have to contact MBS to get an update on this one. Sorry.

Steven, Thanks for your answer. In the meantime I found this same error described in document “Changes in 3.70”. It was solved there, unfortunately there was no Croatian localization of that version. I guess I’ll have to rip-off some code from 3.70 to make it work.[xx(] Thanks, Jurica