Service Management Functionality

Hi Forum, I’ve not used the Service Management application within Navision and would like to know if it can handle the servicing of equipment out in the field. Thanks… Paul

Hi Paul

The simple answer is yes, but it mught not be 100% depending upon your requirements [:D]

Hi Steve, long time no speak, thanks for the reply. Until we analyse exactly what the client wants in the way of Service Management that answer will do nicely. I can hear the sound checks going on at Beaulieu for ‘The Who’ tonight, another free concert from the comfort of our own back garden,…Paul

On a night like toniight I hope you sat back with a cold drink and took it all in.

If you need anything else on Service let me know, it is not a strong area of mine but I will do my best.

Thanks Steve, I sure did although it was not as loud as Simply Red or The Australia Pink Floyd but good all the same. If I have anymore questions I will certainly ask for your help. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work…Paul [:D]