Service Ledger Entries - Link to item Ledger entries?

Items on service orders are invoiced through the service management granule (service order → invoice). The system will then create a service ledger entry per item “sold”.

Unfortunately, there seems no direct link to the unterlying item ledger. Furthermore, the costs of the service ledgers are not updated after running the “Adjsut Cost item entries” batch job.

1.) Is there a link between service ledger entries and corresponding item ledger entries?

2.) Any idea how the system in the standard will adjust the service ledgers according to the item ledgers?

Thanks for any help.

not only service ledger entries aren’t updated, customer ledgers aren’t updated too (there is “profit” field which is calculated only on entering sales/service lines etc but not on adjust-cost batch).

For item profit/cost calculations, simply use item ledgers and nothing else (or modify adjust-cost batch which is… a little bit tricky one to do…)

On item ledgers you have every informations needed (except resources, ofcourse, for them go to resource ledger entries…)

I know the issue of the customer stats not being updated has been corrected in Nav5. I think it would be worth a test to see if the service ledger issue was corrected as well. When I get a chance I’ll test it and see what happens.

They really doing updating cust. ledgers upon item adjustment?

That would be great if true…