Service item


Our client would like to change an item from Item type to Service type. Any issue I should consider to do this change?


Does the item has any transactions ?. if yes…then i do not think it is fesible.

  • Jagadeesh K

Yes, it has transactions. (:

You can do it if there are no “open” transactions. Keep in mind though, Item Type Service does not keep track of onhand inventory.

That is an issue. If I close all the open transactions, then I change the type from item to service, and it will still show me the on-hand quantities? How can I deal with it?

I will suggest you to create a new item for service and stop the old item for any transaction, which can be done in default order setting.

Service item and normal item has totally different impact on GL,its safer to use different item.


Thanks Pranav,

If I stop to use the old item and create a new item. The old item still has the following on hand details:

available physical: -3

available for reservation: -3

On order in total: 1

Total available: -4

physical cost amount is 1760,

Financial cost amount is 0,

Cost price is 0.

Does this impact the balance sheet?