Service Item Inquiry

Hi All,

Recent i’m facing an issue of how AX behave for item type is service /Item which without cost involve.

We have items need track physical on hand, but not need physical cost or financial value.

I create an item under model type of FIFO with physical negative and Financial negative is ticked.

Assume there is sales return happend to this item and create return order. (Standard AX request input return cost)

During post credit note from return order, it has voucher transcation of posting.

can help advice me if i set the item type wrongly or model wrongly or others in order can exclude the credit note voucher transcation?


Physical negative inventory and financial negative inventory - cannot help you in without having the physical cost or financial cost.

It helps you in consumption or sale of goods with out stock and stock value.

If you don’t want to track the cost - put zero for the price during the transaction - it really does not matter what ever the Inventory model may be if you are not tracking the costs…

In the case of return sales order - how the sales order was posted? - with price or with out price.

Does the item got any cost in the inventory?



The item w/o cost. The item is zero cost during SO. There are other items included in the SO.

Due the zero cost item return after sometimes, and Management decide receive it without find origin sales order.

any better idea, how to handle such situation…:slight_smile: