Service item configuration


how i have to make the setting for item type service can u tell me that as at the transaction side their is no on hand and not to update the stock only the financial effect to take.


Look at the stock model group - pretty critical you understand this field when creating items.

i just want the setting while setting up item type service and what i understand is only in the item model group we have to chk mark the post fincial inventory that will update the financial and unchk the post physical inventory.Am i right…

Basically yes, but I cannot say that is how all service items are configured this way, you also need to consider the dimension group and how you configure this, but basically if you do not post physical inventory it creates no physical inventory, but this does not mean all service items are set this way.

i think for all the services for whose we dont want to post inventory this is the process…

Service item does not have own inventory.

yeah that why i am having problem, i resolve tht only have to reflect the financial effect, as that we can do from item model group but to do with dimension group as the service have no site and warehouse.So how to sove this issue.

plz advise

If you have activated the Multi-site then they will become mandatory for dim group. That doesn’t depends on the type of item and its behavior. As the service item doesn’t holds any inventory you can assign any site and warehouse in the default order settings.

Where you are using this service items and for what???


Thank you so much for your advise…

i am using it for the sales order, as the user want to add some handling charges and distribution charges for each sales order and want to see how much he earn from this.

You need to really look into the Misc. Charges functionality for that…

yeah, but in misc chagres you can not distinctly see how much you charge for particular services.In Misc charges you put some amount only.But the user want how much he earn from his various services

Posting each misc charge (currently service item) on different GL account might give you such a possibility to see earnings.

So what exactly is your current question? It is not clear to me. You have been told to look at the different settings and miscellaneous charges. The Misc charges do not work for you because of the detail on the order, but I am not sure why a combination of correct stock model group and dimension group does not work for you.

hi Adam

Actually what user want, when he create the sales order he is imposing three charges to customer 1) handling charges depand on the size od goods delivering

2)Transport and distribution charges

  1. inv. mangement 1% of cost of goods

how can i map these three. As the user want to identify its earning from each three separately.

What i thought just made three item of type service with only financial posting and put these three in one item grp.

If there is ant other way plz tell me

You can use miscellaneous charges if the only issue is separately identifying them, however I would guess you would want line identification, but would still say you have to investigate the miscellaneous charges option.


but in misc charges we put the consilidated amount how i will know the three diff charges…

You put on three miscellaneous charges, one for each element.

hi Adam,

thanks for telling me about the use of Misc charge option.As i have to implememt to three charges one transport charges ie a particular amount that i can do, second is the percent of total amount that also i can do through the Misc charges but Handling charges are their hich depands on the no of pieces of boxes that contains the different items in different quantity. I have think alot how can i use the Misc Charges for this dont get the option.Can u suggest me


There is no standard functionality that will look at the number of pieces in a box, this is whether it is a service item, or a miscellaneous charge. How you achieve this is actually a different question. I would advise you decide on the additional charges approach prior to deciding on how to handle this.