Service industry and inventory

I seek your help to implement following scenario in AX 2009. Our company is having Service Items only. It should not directly affect on the inventory of AX. But this items are combination of more than 1 items. For Eg:- Items XYZ it is our main product and this product contain secondary items A, B, and C. secondry Should have inventory. Main products are calculating in area but secondry items are calculating either in kg or in liter. This is the sample of invoice 1. XYZ 3SQ. Mtr 18.00 54.00 Once I invoice it to the customer Item A, B, C should be deducted from AX Stock as per the unit we are using AX. but XYZ is not having any inventory. Your valuable suggestions are appreciated

Selling a service item and then having some related stock downdated simply is not possible, you would need to modify it to achieve all of this. Why is it a service item, why is it not a BOM and you make it and this deducts and this is then sold. A bug modification I would suggest.