Service for accessing multiple database from roletailored client.

i created a new service in order to access multiple database in the roletailored client, everything went well except that when i open the roletailored client and chose the server i am getting the following error:

the client version does not match the server version, you can only connect to a server with a matching version. client version:6.0.32012.0 server version: 6.0.29626.0.

how can i solve this issue???

thanks for any reply.



The error is a new edit check within NAV 2009 in a hotfix that we shipped. You have mismatched versions installed of files, so the second service you are using is pointing to an older build of files. Make sure you install the exact same version of files for all Clients/Service Tiers/NAS installed components and then make sure after installing all new versioned components that you launch the Classic Client and Compile ALL objects, which will maybe 5 to 10 minutes. Once you have done this, you will not get the error message you are receiving and you will also not get another potential error when launching that CU1 has to be Compiled.


Hi Salwa,

Your all client and server version must be same. Should update NAV server with the related hotfix NAV Server version 6.0.32012.0.

NAV2009SP1(29626) is installed in Server and you are trying to connect to server using NAV2009R2(32012)